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How to be the best hen party guest

Kate has put together her advice on how to hen party like a pro and how to be the best hen party guest.

Just like the main event, the hen party is the bride’s big day, so it’s time to put her first. Remember to leave your bad vibes at home and put all your energy into making sure she has the time of her life. Here’s our guide to the dos and don’ts of being a hen party guest.

1. Compliment the bride-to-be

She has probably been super stressed for the past few weeks trying to pick out the perfect outfit for her hen night, and might even have splashed out by getting her hair and make-up done (which can often be a trial for the wedding day). Make sure to tell her how amazing she looks.

2. Don’t complain

Food/activity/accommodation not to your taste? Keep those lips zipped and remember what an honour it is to have been invited to the bride-to-be’s big night out.

3. Participate

Jump feet first into any games and activities that have been organised.

4. No fighting

You’re among friends, not enemies. Put any differences you may have with another guest to one side for the night and sit as far away as possible from anyone really pushing your buttons. 

5. Follow the plan

Don’t go off shopping when you’re supposed to be at an 80s dance class, or even worse, don’t sneak up to your room for a few drinks when there’s a cocktail class taking place in the hotel bar. Remember to respect the huge amount of planning that has gone into every minute of the hen party.

6. Don’t be late

Hen parties, especially one-day hens, can tend to run on tight schedules. Don’t be the one to make others miss out on all the fun things that have been planned.

7. Don’t go overboard

Do a crazy amount of dancing, enjoy every drop of the Prosecco, but know your limits and stick to them. This is especially the case if it’s a two-night hen. Don’t end up not being able to participate in Day 2. Remember, a drop of H20 here and there will go a long way.

8. Help the bridesmaids

If you notice an obvious flaw in the plan, especially something you know the bride won’t like, bring it to their attention sooner rather than later. And offer to help out with setting up rooms, decorations or games or simply keeping the bride out of the way so a surprise can be arranged for her.

9. Make amazing memories

You will look back on this event as one of the best times you have ever spent with the bride-to-be. Sometimes the hen party turns out to be even better than the wedding because the group is more intimate and you get to have a proper chat with your bestie before marriage and all that follows. 

10. Thank the bride and bridesmaids

It takes the hen planners a huge amount of time and effort to ensure you will have a ridiculous amount of fun, but it takes less than a minute to send a text to say Thank You!

Kate x

So those of the top tips on how to be the best hen party guest. Do you have anything you would like to add? Leave your comments below!

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