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6 Alternative Hen Party Games All Your Girls Will Love

A hen isn’t a hen without a few games and even a smattering of slightly cringeworthy activities. While it’s true that none of us love an over scheduled party, when you bring a group of gals together it’s a good plan to have a few icebreakers and mood setters up your sleeve. That’s why we created these 6 alternative hen party games all your girls will love.

When choosing games try to play to the shy and retiring as much as the social butterfly and remember to keep the bride as the star of the show. Not every guest will belt out their best Mariah or be delighted with a raucous game of truth or dare so aim for a few activities that don’t force everyone into the limelight.

We’re big fans of spot prizes here and have yet to meet a girl who doesn’t love to be rewarded for her efforts. Even the most jaded hen will pitch in when there’s loot to be won. Combine thrift shop hauls with more covetable favours from here for a treasure trove of goodies.

Here’s our pick of some antics to get stuck into with your hen possee!


Find the groom

Hide pictures of the groom around your accommodation. Whoever finds the most wins a prize. Use pictures of the groom from various stages of his life. Stick photos in places where it will be funny to discover him hiding. You’ll really score brownie points if you manage to dig up a few that the bride hasn’t seen before.

Who’s who and guess her age

Put baby photos of the bride & groom side by side and get guests to figure out who’s who. Use a variety of photos of the bride at different ages and ask people to guess the vintage. This is a good one over dinner or on the wall at welcome drinks.

How well do you know the bride

An oldie but a goodie. This is a great quiz for a gang that don’t know each other well. Everyone can have a laugh with this once you get the questions right. Don’t worry about them being able to answer them all, the wrong answers are funnier. Make teams to work on the answers and get the bride to give her responses to the group. Award a prize for best worst answer as well as the team that gets most right.

Selfie competition

Split the group into teams and dispatch them to return with their best group selfies. Create an Instagram # if you are so inclined and the gang can pick the winner over dinner or breakfast the next day. The photos will add to the memories for the bride and the judging and prize giving ceremony should be a lively affair.

Show and tell

Ask guests to bring a prop that tells a tale or reminds them of the bride. Line up the props and have the bride try to guess who brought it & what funny story or memory it is a clue to.

Mr and Mrs Quiz

No surprises here. It’s a tried & tested staple of any hen night but for good reason. It’s cost free and low effort but brings the focus back to the bride. Dodge the tacky questions likely to mortify the bride and groom (TMI!!) and go for ones that will produce a few laughs and happy tears. Use each guest to ask the bride a question and change it up by having the questioner take a drink as well when the bride gets the answer wrong. Check out our Mr and Mrs quiz questions here!

Top tip

Be flexible and allow for a change of plan if the fun is flowing naturally. Have one or two of the above ready to go if things get a little quiet but be prepared to drop a game in place of self made fun when it’s in full swing.

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