6 Bridget Jones inspired hen party ideas

There’s definitely a tiny bit of Bridget Jones in us all. Or, in my case, there’s definitely a whole LOT of Bridget in me. Watching the hilarious new film on opening night with a bunch of my sisters-in-law led me to squirm in my seat a bit as they all glanced my way and laughed. Indeed, vodka, jammies and a major cock up once in a while describes me down to a T. I also cannot cook to save my life! So, in honour of my hero, we’ve pulled together some cute hen party ideas inspired by Queen Bridget herself so you can give the bride-to-be lots of fun memories before she marries her Mr Darcy. Here are 6 Bridget Jones inspired hen party ideas!

1. Take her on a skiing mini break

Did someone say a hen party in the snow? Sign me up! Just maybe plan it for a good few months in advance of the Big Day in case of any breakages…or stick to the après ski. Sure, isn’t that where you get the best view of the Alps anyway?

2. Have a sleepover

Penguin pyjamas? Check! Copious amounts of wine? Check! Chaka Khan blaring on the speakers? Check! Add in a heap of cosy duvets and my close pals Ben and Jerry and you’re in for a great girls’ night in together.

3. Write her a diary of memories

Get all the squad to write about a day they spent with the bride-to-be. The entries can be funny, serious, totes emosh or too shocking to read aloud! What matters is that, by the end of it, you’ll have pages full of special times she spent with her best friends and will make her realise just how loved and important she is to you. Put it all in a retro Bridget Jones style red leather diary, or our Miss Years scrapbook for extra points!

4. Go glamping

Glamp it up at one of the big music festivals next summer. Just don’t go full Bridget. We’d advise no head-to-toe white outfits and DEFINITELY no heels.

5. Buy her some BIG pants

The panty poem game is so simple but so much fun to play at any hen party. All you need to do is read out this hilarious poem on the big night. A different pair of knickers is presented to the bride for each verse. Treat her to Victoria’s Secret or hit Primark for some bargain pants. She will love it!

6. Christmas jumper fun

‘Tis the season VERY soon after all, so why not get the girls to don a Christmas jumper à la Bridget and Mark and hit the town for a night of fun.

Kate x