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5 hen party activities that NO ONE will expect!

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The hen party activity is always a bit of a dilemma. While dance classes, cocktail shaking and karaoke are still firm favourites and a fairly safe bet for some fun clucking action, sometimes a bit of a risk can go a long way to really impressing the bride-to-be and her besties. After all, while baking bread and milking cows might have been gas craic the first time around, three hens later it might not quite have the same appeal. We have written the ultimate list of hen party ideas and alternative hen party ideas. Read on if you want to blow away your party guests as here are five activities that no one will expect. 


1. Fairground fun

If I was a fairy Godmother and I wanted to add a sprinkle of magic to a hen party, a vintage carousel would be top of my list. Imagine leading the girls out to a secret location blindfolded and unveiling the fairground favourite. Let’s face it, in two seconds flat, not one of those galloping horses would be without a willing jockey! Hiring a carousel could be a super idea for a glamping hen or if you are renting a big house in a rural area. Add in some candyfloss and popcorn and your picture perfect activity is complete! Check out or


2. DIY scavenger hunt

Trust me girls, the best hen party I’ve ever been to included one of these. And to say there were tears of laughter is an understatement. We’re talking floods! The bridesmaids drew up a list of challenges and divided the group into teams. Each team had to complete these challenges in public in a set amount of time, and best of all, we had to film everything for a big screening when we all met back at our hotel base. The challenges included, to name a few, pretending there was an earthquake, running through Penneys and diving behind some clothes rails while singing the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme tune, giving one of your team members a piggy back through a petrol station and pretending to fill up, getting into a shop window and doing your best mannequin pose, borrowing a hoover and reading a rosemantic poem to a builder up some scaffolding….I could go on, these girls had great imaginations!


3. Aerial silks

Ever wanted to join the circus when you were younger? Yep, me too! Well this activity will let you unleash your inner acrobat. If you’ve seen pop star Pink dangling from a piece of material above the audience, this is what you can expect to be doing by the end of your aerial silks session. You will also get to try out some amazing moves and poses in aerial hoops. Although it may look like a bit too much of a challenge for those who have never seen the inside of a gym, it is suitable for ALL fitness levels and is brilliant fun.


4. Up, up and away we go

If you would love to bring your hen and her crew on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the sky is the limit. Literally! Just imagine popping open the champagne while floating through the clouds in a hot air balloon with beautiful scenery below. The guys at can cater for parties of up to 16 people. Although at the very top end of the budget, this is definitely something your girlies will never forget. An alternative idea to keep costs down might be to all club together and send the bride-to-be on a surprise skydive – the thrill watching from the ground might be more than enough for some! See


5. Sweet like chocolate

One of the biggest hen party pitfalls I’ve come across has been too much action, too little food. My number one bit of advice to all party planners is to FEED THE HENS! And while a chocolate-making class may count as an activity, it gives you an extra opportunity to do just that. My mouth is watering already. You can try this just outside Kenmare in Co Kerry, where a fabulous French chocolatier will share his passion for, let’s face it, a girl’s best friend (apart from wine of course!).


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