10 Vintage and Retro Hen Party Themes

Our gals at The Beauty Artist have shared some of their favourite movies to recreate at your hen do with us! Vintage and retro themes might not be as popular as they used to be for hen parties but this makes us love them even more. To pick the right vintage or retro look to channel for the hen weekend, movies are the best place to start. Pull up the classics and get ideas for hen party style, games inspiration and activity ideas. Here are the movies you should be watching with Prosecco and pizza on your next girl’s night in. All in the name of research, of course! Here are our favourite 10 vintage and retro hen party themes.


1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Hen Party

Well firstly, how do you even choose your Audrey?! There’s the Audrey in the tutu and, of course, the iconic Audrey in the black gown, gloves and pearls. Then there’s the Audrey in a pink dress and the Audrey in the eye mask and pyjamas. Whichever Audrey Hepburn, or rather Holly Golightly, persona you choose to recreate, the bambi eyes and high-octane updo are a must.


2. The Great Gatsby

A little party never killed nobody ladies. Gatsby’s motto is one of our favourites. Who doesn’t like to party? We sure do and ESPECIALLY when they give us an excuse to emulate the heroines of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby. We’re all over it ALL. The furs, feathers, pearls, sequins and cigarette holders are obligatory, and we’ll never not encourage a blunt bob, even if it comes courtesy of a wig!



3. Grease

We couldn’t call ourselves the vintage hen party experts if we didn’t mention everybody’s favourite high school romance. Grease i the WORD ladies and those Pink Ladies are the classic look BUT there’s nothing to stop you throwing on your fave leather jacket instead of slipping into the satin for an edgier look. Who says only the boys can be T-Birds? Beauty school dropouts needn’t worry either, because we’ve got a whole arsenal of skills to transform even the most hapless hens.



4. Spice World

OK, bear with us on this one! The Spice girls rocked out the 90s at it’s finest and whilst it might not be the most classically stylish look, it’s definitely a fun one. Spice World is perfect for a retro hen party. It’s a classic but those outfits take some beating. Any 90s gal who tells you she’s never wanted to rock Ginger’s Union Jack frock or Baby’s platform trainers is lying! If you do this on, you have to go all in. Pigtails, Adidas popper tracksuits, micro minis, red streaks and wild afros; we’ll do it all in the name of girl power.


5. Clueless

Staying on the 90s retro theme, we’ll forgive Cher for not knowing who vintage jazz icon Billie Holiday is, but only if she lends us that plaid skirt suit. And her wardrobe in general. Clueless was the Mean Girls of the 90s and now that the 90s are SO on trend, you’ll find it easier than ever to throw a suitably Cher outfit together. Dig out your beret, pop socks and scrunchies girls…oh, and your pink fluffy pen! Throw on some rollin’ with the homies and practice your “That was way harsh, Tai”.



6. Flashdance

This one is so easy. So big knickers and a slubby knit aren’t a hard look to put together. The magic happens when you pull on those pale pink leg warmers though and slip on your sweatband. Grab your leotard, backcomb your barnet and get ready to shake what your momma gave ya; water optional!



7. Moulin Rouge

So if you book with us, we’ll have you looking amazing regardless. But if that means feathers, frills and all-out fancy then that’s even better! We’re talking more Satine than slightly sleazy showgirl outfit, so think alabaster skin, Forties waves, rouged lips and ever-so-slightly extended eyebrows. That and a whole lotta plumage, of course.



8. Saturday Night Fever

The 70s are totally trending at the moment but oh so forgotten when it comes to hen party time. Why? To make this look work, step away from the white flared trouser suit a la John Travolta and slip into 70s mini dresses, flared sleeves, platforms and jumpsuits. Make like Debbie Harry and Donna Summers with lashings of smoky shadow, contoured cheekbones and centre-parted curls. Then you can do some night fever.


9. Desperately Seeking Susan

Take one head of wild curls, wrap them in a sheath of black ribbon – tied at the front in a big bow – and add a signature beauty spot beside those red lips. Susan Thomas’s look was that which every teen girl of the 80s sought to imitate and there’s nothing more fun than putting on that soundtrack and reliving the fashion disasters all over again.



10. Pearl Harbor

You can keep Ben Affleck and Josh Harnett, because our love affair with Pearl Harbor started with the hair and make-up department! The classic forces beauties stole the show with matte red lips, powdered porcelain skin, subtle eye makeup and pin curls, rolls and finger waves. Of course, those outfits aren’t too shabby either.



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