Top 10 Hen Party Games

We have put together our favourite hen party games ideas to help you with your hen party planning. No hens party is complete without a few unique and fun games and this list will ensure you have enough ideas to keep the hen do fun going throughout the event!

1. Mr and Mrs Quiz

This is a hen party MUST! Before the hen party, ask the groom 10 to 15 questions about him and his bride to be. Ask the bride the same questions at the hen do and see if they match up! We recommend video recording the groom to add more fun to this at the hen party. Check out our favourite alternative Mr & Mrs Questions here.

2. Design a Wedding Dress

Also known as toilet paper couture, put the girls in teams and get them to design a wedding dress from toilet paper with one of the girls as the model. A hen planner favourite!

3. Guess the Lingerie

Ask each of the girls to bring a lingerie item (not expensive!) for the bride to be. The bride to be then has to guess which of the girls brought her what.

4. Banned Words

Select a few words that the girls CANNOT say for a specific period of time i.e. Wedding, the grooms name etc. If they say the word, they have to do a forfeit.

5. Naughty Moulding

Buy some playdoh and ask the girls to mould some manly parts. This game is very apt for a hen party and you’ll be surprised by the creativity of the ladies (and competitiveness!!)

6. Bridezilla

The aim is to dress the bride up in the most embarrassing outfit. Bring some tack to the hen party. From beads to feathers to funny glasses to an 80s style wedding dress etc. Over the course of the evening, slowly add each item to the bride to be. We like to do this behind closed doors and get loads of photos.

7. The Biscuit Challenge

Bring a packet of biscuits and ask each of the girls to bite a shape (we’re thinking naughty shapes ladies!) into the biscuit

8. The Present Game

Ask each of the hen do guests to bring a long a small token for the bride to be that symbolised their relationship. The bride has to guess who gave her the gift.

9. How well do you know the groom

Prepare a quiz with questions about the groom for the bride and hen party guests to answer. Maybe one of the girls knows the groom better than the bride…!

10. Hen Party Challenge

Set a number of challenges for the hen night out. From getting photos with the hottest guy in the room to getting behind the bar to pull a pint. Set points against the challenges and the next day, see who wins. This is great for hangover talk at breakfast the next morning.

What are your thoughts on these games? Do you have ideas that you think should be in our top 10 hen party games?


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