Maid of Honour? Minimise The Bride’s Stress by Sorting These Simple Things For Her

Lucky you, you are the chosen one and are the blushing bride’s Maid of Honour. It’s an honour to be asked but the role comes with responsibilities and it’s so important to be there to support the bride as much as possible. One thing that certainly comes with the role though is the pre wedding celebration so it’s time to get hen party planning! Although high up on the list is the hen which will, of course, be a TOTAL ball, do not forget that with great power comes great responsibility! And it’s certainly not all fun and (drinking) games (but it there is a lot of that too).

We like to think that you, with a helping hand from us, can help relieve at least a little of the pressure on the bride. You can sort out a few of the simpler wedding plans on her behalf. Okay, maybe you can’t sort them entirely for her, but at least you can take do a little background research. Then, present her with some options so she merely has to point a finger.

  1.    The drinks

You can’t choose the exact drinks for the happy couple, but you can set up a cocktail tasting session or two. Sounds like the perfect excuse for you and the other hens to get involved in. Just find out what the bride and groom’s favourite spirits are and find the perfect cocktail that can be built on this base.


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  1.    Wedding invites

They might be looking for polished and perfected invites or those with a more handmade finish. By researching possibilities, you can help them out no end. Browse talented calligraphers who could write the invites for a truly unique finish.


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  1.    Order of service

One of the simpler tasks not to be forgotten, this is something you can take under your wing. From preparing the ceremony booklets to helping her with signage, just ask the bride for the itinerary, what her preferred theme is and you can organise the perfect order of service on her behalf.



  1.    Floral crowns

If you know the bride is pining after a rustic-themed wedding, why not surprise her by booking in a Flower Crown Workshop? It’ll save her from having to fork out tonnes for ready-made pieces and will be the chance for an afternoon of giggles with the girls.


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  1.    The hen party

We can’t leave it out, can we? The best part of being maid of honour has got to be planning the hen do. Perhaps you’ll opt for afternoon tea at The Ritz complete with hen party decorations. Or maybe an exclusive hen party pole dancing class. We’re sure it will all be nicely washed down with a little Prosecco.  


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  1.    Party favours

Help your bride by doing a little brainstorming of your own on what the favours might contain. Choose from low-cost, handmade or favours for children to show the guests a little appreciation.  Find a selection so she can sit back, relax and just pick her favourite as she’s getting her nails done!


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  1.    Wedding scrapbook

Even though your bride will likely have a photographer in mind, you can still surprise her with a charming scrapbook. Hand disposable or Polaroid cameras out to tables during the wedding and collate the best snaps in a scrapbook that she can look back on for years to come.


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