L Plates have gotten classy!

From day 1, L plates were a no go. But then something happened. We discovered the beauties you see in the image below and we changed our minds. These L plates are so pretty. Vintage inspired, they are handmade and the finishing is amazing.


L Plates for hen parties seem to have lots of different meanings including learning how to be a wife (eh, highly object to this one) and learning some other things that traditions would suggest wait until after you’re married which we also don’t like. However, as these L Plates are so pretty, we had to find a reason to wear them so we choose this one: L plates are the symbol of learning (duh!) however the learning is the change from being single to being a unit. When you get married, it’s no longer all about you, it’s the two of you together and that is what these symbolise which is a really beautiful thing (and hard!) Marriage is a team effort and one of the biggest decisions that someone will make in life. You need to compromise, put someone else’s feelings before your own and communicate. So that’s it ladies, that is what our pretty, vintage L plates represent.

Ditch the learning to drive red and white L plates and give your bride to be one of our beautiful handmade vintage inspired L plates that she can treasure for ever and take with her as she moves forward into her new life as a duo.


Buy these L plates here for €10 each.  Available in pink or red. 


Do you have an opinion on L plates? What do you think of these pretty versions?




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