Stylish Hen Party Idea – Lingerie Shower

We love lingerie showers. Every lady loves new underwear. It’s the ultimate sophisticated and stylish touch to any hen party.

From naughty to nice, all guests will load her up with underwear for her honeymoon and ensure she is working it for her first year of marriage. Her husband to be will also think you are the best friends EVER (not that he doesn’t already think that of course!!)

How it works

Traditionally a lingerie shower is held like a bridal shower. It’s a few hours in someone’s house over brunch, lunch, a dinner or drinks. It’s also a nice addition to a hen party, depending on the budget and the rest of the schedule of course!

The party, gifts, decorations, and games will revolve around lingerie and intimacy. All guests will be given the bride to be’s underwear measurements. They will be asked to bring an underwear set, nightwear or other bedroom intimacies for the bride. You can give each guest a theme for example, someone brings something naughty, another brings something cute, then practical, playful, funny etc. If your girl likes her 50 shades well then the more risque the better!

If she’s more vanilla though, you always have the option of a pyjama party and get the guests to bring nice sleeping and lounge wear for the bride to be. You can have the bride guessing who gave her what or else just tell her. Either way,she’ll be over the moon and extremely excited with her new lingerie wardrobe.

It’s best to host in the home as it can get a little embarrassing in a public space and it is a quite intimate. Somehow throwing bras and knickers around a restaurant doesn’t have the same sophisticate appeal!

Decorations and Little Touches

How you host is up to you. Pick a simple theme around colours, vintage or movies etc to help you with decorations and food. You can team it with a brunch and mimosas or else, turn it into an evening affair with nibbles and margaritas.



Putting cushions and throws on the floor and lighting candles will create a cosy setting. Put some photos of iconic women or 1950s pinups to add more of an ambiance. If you are feeling creative you could make your food in the shape of lingerie.

If it’s more of a quiet evening and more pyjama influenced, you could get the girls to come in their lounge wear and get some movies, popcorn and sleeping bags. Just like old times.

For food, some cupcakes, cake-sticks or themed biscuits are cute.

If you can, send PROPER invites! If you have the time, resources and budget, create and post real (not email) invites. We all love a non bill related guest in the postbox. And another unessential but special add on is a little goodie bag for the guests.

Mix it with activities. If it’s more of an event, combining the lingerie shower with a life drawing class or knicker decorating workshop can work well.

Suggestions for games and activities

You don’t have to play games or plan an activity for the group but they can both be good for setting the mood and adding a little extra to the shower. Here are our favourites:

Advice for the bride – You could get each of the guests to offer romantic advice or ideas for date nights for married life. You can set the boundaries with this.

Guess the lingerie – Ask the guests to bring a lingerie item from their drawer. The group has to guess who brought what.

Get Creative – There are two variations here. Firstly, the foodie option is to bake or buy plain gingerbread women and men. Buy some icing pens and get the guests to design underwear and lingerie on the gingerbread. You can buy various baking decorations such as candy hearts and starts, glitter and sprinkles. The second option is to get everyone to bring a pair of panties or a bra. Buy some feathers, tassels, lace, ribbon etc and get everyone to decorate the item they brought with them.

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Once the time is right, the bride will open her gifts from her guests.








Other Ideas

Teaming the shower with a lingerie company (such as an Ann Summers, Soft Party or something more high end), life drawing class or foreplay lessons are other options. You could also team it with a pampering session.

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