DIY Hen Party Ideas

The lovely Danielle from Team Hen has given us a few tips for hen party planning on a budget and ways to cut corners to keep all the ladies shopping funds happy!


Whether you’re planning your Hen Party on a shoestring, or have blown the budget on your dream accommodation – there are so many ways you can save money when it comes to your Hen Party.


If you don’t want to spend a fortune on eating out, then order in – and I don’t mean takeaway! Online grocery shopping is a fantastic way of saving money at a Hen Party. With so much competition amongst the grocery retailers there are always great offers to take advantage of, especially as a first time customer. Exhausted all the coupons? No problem – simply ask a member of the bridal party or your family to sign up instead!


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Hen Party ‘Weekenders’ are an absolute blast, but providing drinks for everyone can be daunting; especially with everyone favouring a different tipple. Keep it simple and provide the basics; wine or beer, a few spirits and mixers. You can’t please everyone, and alcohol is expensive – if anyone desperately wants something exotic, ask them to bring a bottle with them!

You could also consider making a punch. Yes, it may sound a bit retro, but fruit cocktail punch is always a crowd pleaser in my experience. Home-brand spirits, mixers and fruit juice can be very cost-effective, simply add them to your online grocery list and have them delivered straight to your door!


The biggest expense in most Hen Parties is the accommodation, which can easily creep into the hundreds. If your budget is more modest, consider hosting your hen Party in your local city or town. Hiring a minibus to get you all from A to B is a great way of keeping costs down, leaving more money to spend on your night out!

If, however, you have your heart set on a weekend away then try to avoid high-season (summer/school holidays) as prices can double! Do your research and ALWAYS ask for a discount, even -5% can mean big bucks when you’re booking for a large group.


Although there are a plethora of activates to suit even the slimmest budget, even these can be an expense too far. Why not create your own activities for a fraction of the price?

With a little improvisation and a few props, turn an outside space into a sport arena and host your very own Hen Olympics. Egg & Spoon, 3-Legged, Sack Race, Welly Wanging, Limbo, Fancy Dress Relay, Skipping Race, Space Hopper Race…the list is endless! No previous athletic skills required! ;-)

If the thought of running around a field leaves you cold, opt for a slower paced activity, such a wine tasting. Nominate a bridesmaid, or ask along a friend who can host the event for you – with a little help from the internet even a wine novice can appear an experienced sommelier! Tour France with wines from each region – most supermarkets have wine experts on hand who’d be happy to help you pick out a few bottles.



If your accommodation is beautifully decorated, as so many of them are these days, then less is more! Don’t fill it with garish balloons or banners; a few tasteful balloon bouquets or rows of bunting will set the scene without being overkill.

If the place needs a little more brightening up then consider making your own Bunting or Tissue Paper Pom-Pom. Rope in your bridesmaids, or better yet; host a pre-hen party dinner and get everyone to muck in!


Favours for your Hen Party are a lovely gesture and don’t have to break the bank. Fill bright paper bags with facemasks; miniature spirits; home-made cupcakes or sweets; wish bracelets; lottery tickets; nail varnishes…anything you can pick up cheaply or in bulk that you think your friends will love. Favours say thank you for coming, and thank you for being a valued friend.

Check out Team Hen on ETSY or at HERE for some gorgeous favour ideas.


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